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Hello, my name is Roos

Thank you for visiting my website! I am looking forward to guiding you towards a healthy and happy life in the most natural way. Knowing about the beautiful wisdom of Ayurveda means knowing yourself and understanding what you, as an individual need in this busy worldly life.
To shortly introduce myself. My name is Roos, I am 35 years old, for the past 3 years I have been living in The Hague with my partner and daughter, before living in Amsterdam for 8 years.

Two big events: suffering from panic attacks and anxiety at age 21 and the decision to stop with my medication at age 26, awakened the interest in healthy food, yoga and natural living.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda are paths of self-study. Facing your fears, understanding who you are, and bumping in to ignorance were (and still are) ways for me to grow as a person and to understand life.
It’s a never-ending path of discovery!
I have joined over more than 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings, mostly at Delight Yoga, but also at the Nieuwe Yogaschool, Innerspace and Nederlof. Currently I am enrolled at the BA program of the Delight Academy to become a certified AP - Ayurvedic Practitioner.
My wish is to guide you towards health, happiness and your awesome SELF!
Looking forward hearing from you :)


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