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Good Books

Together with my friend Julia Blohberger, I wrote 2 booklets.

The first one was published in 2021, Good Sh*t - your holistic guide to the best poop of your life. 

The second one was published in 2022, Good Night - your holistic guide to the best sleep of your life. 

We are currently writing the 3rd one, which will be all about the menstrual cycle. 

This journey all started during the first world wide lockdown, back in 2020.

Once of a sudden, everyone seemed very concerned with their health. But it's not all about what you put in your mouth. How it comes out on the other side says a lot too. So, we made a book about poop :) 


This was a great succes, it has been translated in English, will be translated in Korean, and already has gotten a second print in Dutch. This made it possible for us to also work on a second and third one. 


These relatable and humorous interactive handbooks teaches you how to look at the world from a holistic point of view. They help you adjust your life with simple and easy to understand tips & tricks. 

Where can you get your copy?

For Dutch go to Bol or Paagman

For English go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million or Bookshop 

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