Good Shit cover web.png

Good Sh*t - the book

Together with my friend Julia Blohberger, I wrote a book about poop!

Yep, shit merde, you get it ;)

During the first lockdown in 2020 everyone seemed very concerned with their health. But it's not all about what you put in your mouth. How it comes out on the other side says a lot too. We created this book to inform people that eating healthy is not enough, you are what you digest!


This relatable and humorous interactive handbook teaches you how to think of poop as a useful gauge of overall health, and helps you track the effects of simple lifestyle adjustments. 


What will you find in the book: 

•  A seven-day tracker to observe your current poop health. 

•  Insights on the impact of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress on your poop, with tips for making improvements in all areas. 

•  Journal prompts that help you analyze behaviors that lead to good

and bad poops. 

•  A 21-day tracker to help you see the positive impact of lifestyle

changes on your poop over time.

Where can you get your copy?

For Dutch go to Bol or Paagman

For English go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million or Bookshop