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Customize your oats

Bijgewerkt op: 16 feb. 2021

We probably all know how to cook a simple bowl of oats, but I thought to share with you a few tips on how to adjust it, according to what you need. I used to add to my morning bowl all the toppings I could find in my kitchen cupboards but the more ingredients you add, the harder it will be for your digestion. The less you add, the easier.

Oats have a natural sweet taste, which is building and nourishing. Especially good for the pitta's & vata's out there. Usually the kapha's, who tend to have a slower digestion are not so hungry in the morning. But there are ways to make your oats lighter. Below I give a few options for every category, but there are plenty more that I don't mention.

Choose your milk

Cows milk: Cows milk is heavy, cold and rich. Very good if you are looking for extra nourishment. Try to go for organic!

Almond milk: This is a good substitue for cows milk when you are looking for the same effect

Rice milk: This option is much lighter and the easiest to digest. It is also very sweet so you don't need to add any more sweeteners.

Choose your nut(butter)

Walnut: Walnuts look like brains and they are good for the brain! However they are also dry and difficult to digest.

Peanut: Little twist here, these little nuts are actually beans! Ayurveda considers them hard to digest and heating. Better to go for an actual nut in your oats :)

Almond: Almonds are very nourishing and building, they contain a high levels of nutrients and are considered sattvic and good for immunity. Make sure you go for the white almonds (whithout skin)

Choose your sweetener

Honey: the best choice for kaph's, as honey stimulates metabolism and has a scraping action. Good to know that honey is drying, when you suffer from dryness only take a little or go for an other sweetener.

Maple: is very nourishing and is rich in minerals. However, it digests slower as other sweeteners.

Fruit: we often top our bowl of oats with fruit, but for digestive reasons, Ayurveda actually advices not to combine fruit with anything else. If you like to use fruit as a sweetener cook it together with the oats. The exception on the rule are dates - that luckily happen to be amazing oat-sweeteners!

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